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    Setting Scratch disk for Media Cache




      I'm running PrE 9 on a Macbook Pro with an external USB 2.0 as Project Disk.


      I set the Media Cache folder in preferences-> scratch disk and there I point it to Same as Project.

      Next time I start PrE 9 and load the project, the scratch disk has then changed to Custom and point to My Documents folder.

      All other folders point nicely to Same as Project.


      So far I've tried:

      Deleting preference file.

      Remove and reinstall PrE.

      I've open a fresh project with no files.


      But the problem persists.

      Input to solution would be appreciated.


      Thank You

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          For working with external HDD's, you might want to see this ARTICLE.


          There are several things to consider, when working with externals, and most are covered in that article.


          Good luck,



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Most scratch files and renders will go the same location as your project files. However, the program still needs to write some files to your Documents folder. These are very small files and should not be significant in size.


            Meantime, in my books I recommend that, whenever you start a new project, you create a new folder for it and place the project file inside rather than store your project file out in the drive's main directory. This is good housekeeping with a number of advantages.

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              ewgrergg Level 1

              I appreciate the suggestions. I do keep my files organized in project folders and I've read the Article suggested. Neither does apply to this problem.


              My problem is that PrE keeps changing the file location of the Media Cache to Custom (and points it to the wrong location), instead of saving it as Same As Project.


              It looks like a software bug.


              But I wanted to check the forums first. So if anyone got a suggestion for a permanent fix I'd be very grateful.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                What is the Path, when PrE sets the location to "Custom?"


                If you have set that location to the external, but it is either not available, or its drive letter has been changed by the OS, then PrE cannot use that, as it does not exist to the program.


                I use externals for a lot of my editing, but there are some big differences:


                • I am using FW-800's
                • I am on an older version of PrE, than PrE 9.0
                • I am on a PC with XP-Pro


                Good luck,



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                  ewgrergg Level 1

                  The path is a Mac path so it's independent of drive letters. Looks like this:


                  /Volume/<disk name>/<folder name>/


                  The mysterious thing is that all other folders point to Same As Project and do not change when the project is saved and reopened. So it's just Media Cache that changes.


                  Perhaps this can be bug reported somehow?

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    See Bug Report in this ARTICLE.


                    Good luck,



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                      genefama Level 1



                      I'm having the same problem you describe. Did you ever find a fix?  I'm sick of changing my cache to the same custom location repeatedly only to have it revert back at the default location everytime I open the program.  Anything you might have discovered and can share would be appfreciated.





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                        the_wine_snob Level 9



                        Welcome to the forum.


                        It sounds to me, as though there is a Bug in PrE 10, regarding the setting of the Media Cache location, as several users have reported the same issue. Not sure if it is system-specific, and several have a similar setup, or if it's an issue in the coding of the program.


                        To try and narrow things down, are there any external, or networked HDD's in your Custom Path?


                        What OS are you running?


                        What is the I/O sub-system on your computer, i.e. how many physical HDD's, any of them partitioned, what is their controller type, how much free-space per each, and how have you allocated them?


                        Good luck,



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                          genefama Level 1

                          Hi Bill,


                          Thanks for your note. After posting I realized I was in the wrong forum. I have the same problem the original poster described, though not in Elements but in After Effects and Premiere Pro versions 5.5 for Mac running in OSX 7.  My setup is a striped array where a boot drive contains applications only, a master drive carries all projects and media, and a scratch disk is supposed to hold cache and temporary files. There are no outboard disks in my path. I've been trying to direct AE and PP to the scratch disk and every time I reopen the program the preferences panel says it's back in its default Library location.  The Library is on the apoplications boot disk, a solid state drive that I use for speed and is much smaller than the master media and scratch disks. It gets filled fast. 


                          I agree this must be a bug but am guessing I should post in the AE or PP forum?


                          Thanks again,



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                            the_wine_snob Level 9



                            Yes, I would post to the PrPro CS5.5 Forum, and outline exactly what you are encountering. Do list the full details of your I/O.


                            I have also been seeing more issues in PrPro, if not exactly like this, at least similar.


                            Since you are also encountering this issue in AE, I would post there too.


                            Some MOD's are not keen on posting of problems, with such similarity, but as you are encountering this in both programs, and the "gurus" in each forum are not the same people, you might get ideas, specific to the programs.


                            If Todd, or Jeff, jump on you for "double posting," just tell them that I suggested it, as you are getting the problem in both programs. I'll take any heat.


                            Good luck, and wish that I knew even the basics with a Mac, as there could well be something easy, that is "above my pay grade."


                            I'll follow along in the PrPro CS5.5 Forum, as I will likely learn something useful.