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    Flash Builder 4.5 Mobile Login Form needs 2 clicks???




      I have been working on developing an application  for the android market thta firstly requires the users to login to a  account. I have put the code together below, along with a data link to a  database in order to check the credentials. However the application  does not switch to the second view on the first click of the "Login"  button however it seems to take 2 or more clicks sometimes. I presume as  it is fetching data from a database that it takes time to be verifies,  could someeone tell me how to solve this and maybe implement a  BusyIndicator along with it?


                     protected function login_btn_clickHandler(event:MouseEvent):void
                          var match:Boolean;
                          getEmployeesByNameResult.token = employeeService.getEmployeesByName(usr_nme_txtbox.text, pass_txtbox.text);
                          if (getEmployeesByNameResult.lastResult != null)
                               navigator.pushView(HomeView, getEmployeesByNameResult.lastResult.id);



      <s:Button id="login_btn" width="100%" label="Login"