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    Getting the book onto ADE


      Just bought EBook and downloaded ADE.  Now what do I do?   Am not at techno whiz.  How do I get the book from the publisher to the ADE.  When I enter the ADE program, nearly entirely black screen and no button responds.  Thanks.

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          When I downloaded my first book from my library website it showed up in my ADE, I then plugged my Nook into my computer and then opened up my computer and clicked on removable file F which is where your nook or ereader it plugged into your computer at. I then went back to ADE and dragged the book in my nook, then unplugged my nook and found the book in my library under my files. I hope that helps! Its all so confusing!

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            What do you mean "it showed up in ADE"?  My library book showed up as a download in my computer, but had only 2 kb.  It is not there.  ADE will not activate in my computer.

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              I'm not sure WHERE on your computer you see the downloaded library book.

              So, let me presume a couple of things here, and try to give you an answer.

              First, I presume you're operating a Windows PC.  Next, I'll 'assume' (you

              know what THAT means!) that you can use the Windows Explorer utility to find

              files.  Let's start there.


              First, find the library book on your computer's hard drive with Windows

              Explorer, and make a note of the folder it's in.


              Next, open ADE and get to Library view, where you can see the avatars of the

              ebooks you have in it in the right hand panel.  Now, get the drop-down list

              from the Library tab (next to the word 'Library' on the left hand top side

              of the display panel) and click on the 'Add Item' tab.  This will take you

              to a screen that will let you browse for the location of the ebook (or

              document) you want to add to the Library.  Click on the title, and ADE will

              import it, and show it on the right hand of the Library panel display.  BTW:

              ebooks don't take up a lot of storage, so 2kb isn't necessarily the wrong

              size for the file.


              Once the ebook is added to your library, you can copy it onto your ereader

              by dragging and dropping it on the left hand panel.  I will 'assume'

              (there's that word again!) that you understand the process of hooking up

              your ereader and then opening ADE so that ADE will recognize the ereader.

              It's just a sequence you have to follow due to the technology we use these



              Hope this helps!


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                Thank you for your help.  Another friend sent me to someone's blog where there is a simple solution for getting the book from the library into the Noon.  Here is what she sent me  "http://beingruth.com/tutorial-library-books-nook-overdrive/

                This site really helped me and has photos of the computer screen so I could find what to click on and where to drag it.

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                  You're welcome.


                  The tutorial that your friend referred to is related to the use of a

                  different ebook management system called Overdrive.  You'll have to check

                  with your library and make sure that it uses Overdrive for its ebook

                  deliveries.  Many libraries skip this step and go directly to ADE.


                  I can see where the ebook can get 'lost' in the process of downloading in

                  Step 2.  The illustration is using Firefox as a web browser, not Internet

                  Explorer (IE), so if you were to pick 'Save' instead of 'Open', you would

                  have to pick a location to put the ebook.


                  Isn't software fun?  NOT!!!


                  If your library doesn't use Overdrive for its book checkout, then the

                  process will be different: your library will let you choose to download the

                  ebook into ADE, and Step 2 will give you the option of 'Open' or 'Save'.  If

                  you choose 'Open', then the ebook will show up in the 'Reading' panel of

                  ADE.  If you choose 'Save', the ebook will go directly to ADE's Library.

                  The rest of the process remains the same.



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