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    AE Stopped Importing Illustrator Art to Bounding Box


      Hi All,


      After installing a CS4 update, my ai files started importing at artboard size instead of at artwork bounding box (imports as if artboard is an invisible object). This happened mid project so if I edit and reload any previously bound artwork, the bounding box is now the size of the ai artboard, throwing anchor/center point off significantly


      If I try to import the exact same illustrator files that were previously (properly) bound in AE, I get this problem. There must be a setting in AE for this, seems simple enough, can't figure it out.


      I reset my prefs, nothing changed.
      Importing as a comp/comp-cropped layers doesn't help.
      Collapse transformations did not help.


      Current CS4 Versions
      AI 14.0.0


      Why does AE not want to let go of the AI artboard now? Any ideas or direction pointing very much appreciated. Thanks, Jesse