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    Animating a rectangle's roundness

    Rusherific Level 1
      Apologies if this has been addressed already, or if this is too general in scope, but I used to be pretty adept with AS back in the day but I haven't used flash for work since MX 2004! Trying to get into AS 3.0 is making my head spin, which seems to be the only option for what I'm trying to do...

      (On a side note, can someone please explain to me the reasoning behind why a new "feature" is I need to tell Flash to import it's own command classes everytime I want it to do something even equivalent to the old onMouseOver etc.??)

      Anyways, I learn best by example, and I've been trying to see what all is involved in making an AS that will animate the corner rounding/overall scale of a rectangle primitive. It appears that these functions reside in an entirely new part of AS which is all news to me. It's like to make a rectangle I need to import classes, and to do that I need to make a package, and when I do that it complains that I can't nest packages. It seems lines and lines of code are necessary now just to adjust the properties of either an existing rectangle or one dynamically created. And yes I've been reading the documentation, but it breezes over the new principles of operation like packages as if I've always been expecting them all along. I know this encompasses pretty much all the new principles of AS 3.0, so I'm not expecting a start-to-finish answer or example, but any help with these new methods of coding and/or direct help with my rectangle, or even a tutorial which would be a place to start would be greatly appreciated!

      Thanks in advance,