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    Play many flvs using player control

    Gumbo Al Level 1

      I have a folder of sales training lessons (flvs) and I want to play each one of them by clicking a button and to have each one use a common playback control. When I us the follwing code I get a "1120: access of undefined property error". What ami I doing wrong?








      function playAud1(evt:MouseEvent):void {
      player.source = "audio/The_Profession_Called_Selling.flv";
      seg1_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, playAud1);


      function playAud2(evt:MouseEvent):void {
      player.source = "audio/Steps_in_the_Learning_Process.flv";
      seg2_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, playAud2);

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          adninjastrator Level 4

          Not exactly sure what your code is for, just for a button to select a certain file? What about the player? how is the button action connected to the player?

          Looks like you need a player with a playlist... common set of controls and then a list of files you want to play.

          There are many ways to set up a media player with playlist, probably the most common would include an xml file to supply the file names rather than hard coding into the .fla.

          First, you need a player that will work with a playlist.

          then you need to create the xml playlist.

          then inside the .fla you create an array from the data being "pushed" into the array.

          They assign actions to your buttons or playlist thumbnails to select and play the array element [1] for example tiesd to that button.

          For starters:


          to build your own .flv player


          then incorporate an xml playlist.

          Best wishes,