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    Please help, got so far but won't work


      I went thru a tutorial from 3school about  adding a button to a flash web site and linking it to our facebook page. I got almost all the way thru it step by step - I got the button imported to the library, resized and then inserted it onto the front page of our web site. After following all directions even running the mouse over the button it turns to a thumb to click on BUT it wont go to the web page link. I get to the point where the tutorial says to rt click on the image and choose actions. Everything still fine - then it says click on the plus sign > then choose basic actions > and get URL. This is where I think the problem starts - I have nothing that says basic actions - I have to go to global functions > browser/networks > then get URL. I insert my URL and click button assignment then ok. Save and publish. Hers where the problem starts when I publish it reads an error code and description : Scene = main, layer>div>, frame = 1, line 1 and in description it says : or expected. It wont connect to the web site and I am sure it is the correct URL because I tried it in windows and it took me to the facebook page. I am using Flash CS 5 and shouldn't matter but windows 7. Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions. I got so far and assumed I had it but cant connect to link. New to the site so be gentle with me, ha