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    SSL Wildcard Certificate not working with Flash Client in Chrome


      Chrome Version: Google Chrome     10.0.648.205 (Official Build 81283)

      Flash Version: Flash 10.2 r154
      Operating System: Windows 7

      I'm currently working on a system that has a Flash Client talking to a remote application server via RTMPS.  The Flash Client and the app server handshake using an SSL wildcard certificate.  For instance, if my app server is on the host "blah.test.mysite.com", the SSL certificate I have (via DigiCert) is for *.test.mysite.com.  I have tested this setup and it works on IE9, Firefox 3/4 and Safari 5 with the Flash plugin, but it fails in Chrome.

      I believe the problem might have to do with Chrome's built-in Flash player.  If I disable Chrome's built-in Flash player and use the Windows installed Flash player at
      "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash\NPSWF32.dll" instead, everything seems to work ok.  But whenever I enable Chrome's built-in Flash player, my SSL handshake from my Flash client to my application server ALWAYS fails.  The two Flash players (Chrome built-in and Windows installed) are the exact same version.  Any ideas what could possibly cause this?

      Does Google modify their built-in Flash player in any way that could cause this?  Does Chrome treat the built-in Flash player differently than the one installed in the OS proper?  Any ideas at all?