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    Premiere Swapping Source EPS Files




      I'm experiencing a very odd bug that I can't seem to correct in Premiere CS5. I'm relatively new to Premiere, so apologize on any confusing wording, let me know if I can help clarify anything.


      I have a Sequence with several mp4 clips edited together on the first layers of video which I'm then overlaying vector based EPS files (of hand-drawn type) on higher layers. I have about 13 EPS files in my library/bin and as I place them in the Sequence timeline, only some of them appear as the actual artwork that is in the EPS (say when you open in Preview or Illustrator).



      "Overwhlemed.eps", "With.eps", and "Joy.eps" all are hand-drawn type for their respective filename. However when I place them all on the Sequence timeline, all three EPS files display the artwork for "Joy.eps". This occurs before/after render, and more frustratingly corrects only some of the random EPS 'swapping' when exported as an MP4, but some of the 'swapping' does not correct when exported.


      Any thoughts? Thanks very much!