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    Out of Memory,CS5


      I have been working on a complex project for months now. In one 'module' I have multiple animations, and I am using large sub animations that scale. Now in one module, I cannot even publish the file - I am getting 'out of memory' messages, even though I have 8MB RAM and 64bit Velocity PC, WIn7. I am pulling my hair out!! Can I allocate more memory to Flash?  If I look at the Task Manager. it does not show I am using the full memory.  What  else could it be, something corrupted? I have tried cutting it in half, but both individual halves still have the same issue. Other Flash files that are bigger in size will compile. ANyone gots any ideas?  Thanks!

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          Ninarama Level 1

          It could actually be this problem:




          I'm also getting this message when I try to convert a group of shapes and MovieClips to a new MovieClip (in some rare cases) although the file isn't even that big at all.

          But I don't get the message when I try to export the Movie, it always happens when editing.


          Maybe you get also bugs like: Randomly duplicating Movieclips, Empty Symbols when trying to rename them, and more.