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    Acrobat Reader and McAfee and GetPlus?

    cliffclof Level 1

      Adobe have you lost your mind?  You are (and really are) tricking people into installing McAfee and in my opinion this is just as bad as those antivirus credit card theves.  Funny that this is McAfee working with you to Bloat up my system and try to steal customers without there concent.  Don't touch my system except for what I am trying to install.  There are hundreds of thousands of people that agree here so stop Hijacking our computers privates storage space.


      I have managed to stop the installation when I noticed the computer was asking for permission to install things i didn't ask it to.  Now every time I try to install acrobat reader it shows that McAfee is already downloaded and queued to be installed.  This is even after uninstalling more bloatware called GetPlus.  I feel violated by Adobe here.