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    dynamic labels?


      hello, i hope ive come to the right place for help.

      let me give u some background:

      im developing an app for the blackberry playbook, which in fact just came out today! yay. so anyway, im making an app that will decode fringe glyphs, from the show "fringe." unless u watch it, u prob wouldnt get it, but everyso often they show a symbol in the show, and by the end of the show, they have shown about 5-6 of them. there is a code to them, and each distinc symbol represents a letter. so when u have recognized all 5 symbols, u are able to spell a word, that typically correlates to that epidsode of the show. So, for my app, i have a wall of tiles, with groups of the symbols. underneath this group of tiles, i have 5 blank spaces.

      So, i want a user to be able to watch the show, and as he/she sees a symbol, finds it on the tablet app, taps it, and the corresponding letter will appear in the 1st blank space, and so on, until it spells out an entire word.

      I am relatively new to the programming, so i was hoping that someone could possibly provide me with a list of major steps on how to provide this app. basically, what methods do u use to make each of these things happen. and what is the practical/efficient way of course. So, of course my main question is how i can link each image to a letter with then displays along the bottom, but i have no idea what i would need or how i would do this. Reminder: i am using actionscritpt, if that makes any difference.

      Thank you, and please ask any questions necessary for u to help me.



      along with selecting images for the letters, i would also like it to be almost like a toggle button. if that makes any sense, but for now, id like to figure out wat i have stated above.