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    Moving to a frame in Movieclip timeline from the main timeline

    Ananth Subramanian

      I am in the learning process. Working with FlashCS5 and AS3.

      Please bear with me if the issue appears to be too simple for you. Placed a movieclip(mcassessJohn) on the main timeline and moved to the frame labelled "johnFeedback" in the movieclip timeline using the following actionscript code.


      mcassessJohn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, onJohnClick);


      function onJohnClick(evt:MouseEvent):void {




      This works fine. However problem starts when I place a button "questionJohn" in the movieclip(mcassessJohn) time line at frame "johnFeedback" and try to move to another frame by clicking the button and using the following actionscript code;




      function onClick(evt:MouseEvent):void {

        gotoAnd Play("johnFeedback");



      Placed the above code in actions layer in the movieclip timeline at frame "johnFeedback". I had placed the button also in the movieclip timeline at Frame "johnFeedback in layer buttons. No compiler error.No runtime error. Just nothing happens when I click on the button "questionJohn".


      Would appreciate if you can let me know where I am going wrong.