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    Changing zoom on stage



      I have a scene where I want to zoom in on a character's face, and after a while zoom out slowly into the background. problem is, i dunno how to do it.

      i tried to tween all of the layers together but it plays out awful...any way to do it with the stage itself?

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          danlinenberg10 Level 1

          these refer to zoom of a single layer, which i know how to do. i'm talking about zooming to a specific point in the stage, which is consisted of multiple layers. only possible way i can think of is to group all the layers together, make a movieclip out of them, and after the animation bring them back apart...

          but there's gotta be an easier way

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            de.kc.mo Level 1

            Myself, I would try nesting the layers in a graphic symbol. Select all relevant layers in main timeline,right click on the selected frames > Copy Frames,Then go to Insert> New Symbol, name and choose symbol time (I have problems with movie clips, for me they don't seem to preform well outside of Flash.  But what ever works for you.). After naming, Flash enters a symbol edit mode window, on the first (and only) frame in this timeline right click>Paste Frames and return to  the main timeline.  Then this new symbol can be dragged out of the library and placed on to the stage in the appropriate place of the timeline (some blank space lasting the duration of the zoom)  and zoomed like a single layer(which it effectively is). This should create a symbol that you could use for the zoom animation only leaving your other layers alone.

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The only easier way will involve something in the way of what's been offered... creating some all encompassing container object that you can tween.  That could take the form of a movieclip, or it could take the form of an swf file that you load into another.

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                de.kc.mo Level 1

                Well let me just say that you know WAY more about this stuff than I do. But just for my own information, wouldn't creating the symbol I described be a way of creating the all encompassing container object that could be tweened? And also, what is the advantage to creating it as a movie clip rather than a graphic, other than the use of the filters that can be applied in the properties panel and the use of 3-d rotation tool. I ask this because I usually use Flash to create animations that I then want to export to a .mov file and it seem that when the document contains a movie clip it never exports successfully.  While I know this isn't a simple question, you know way more about Flash than I do, if you could respond I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

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                  Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  I didn't intentionally leave out a graphic symbol in what I said, I'm just more prone to creating things as movieclips.  You can certainly tween a graphic.


                  You may have one up on me in some respects, possibly many... the world doesn't revolve around Flash.  I have never created a graphic symbol that contains movieclips, buttons, etc...  So I don't know how things work out when you want to go that route... can you still place code in its timeline,...etc?


                  If you lose one advantage in using a graphic, it's the loss of being able to do that tween using Actionscript, or control a variety of other aspects of it with code... the main reason for that being you can't target it with code.  But another reason being it doesn't have properties like a movieclip does, nor is it a dynamic object that you can build up dynamically like you can with a movieclip.

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                    de.kc.mo Level 1

                    I still think you know more about Flash than I do. I've only been using it since Dec 2010. I'm still a beginner but having fun learning. Half the time I don't fully understand what your talking about. Most of my experience has been in creating animations, cartoons in a sense, rather than interactive content. It is my understanding that a graphic symbol is artwork, which can be animated, but doesn't have a function aspect that a button would (your statement about inability to target with code). I don't think you would want a graphic symbol to contain a button as, at least I think, it would bury it to far down in the document to function properly or to locate with the code a button requires to function. I've usually done the animations with tweens rather than by writing code, I haven't yet learned how to animate with code or even much about Action Script at all. But since you can nest an animation in a graphic symbol I would guess that would have to mean it has to have some kind of code in it's timeline. But I really don't know. It could function as the container for danlinenburg10 layers allowing him to visually zoom in on the scene. Anyway thanks for answering my questions.