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    Camera raw standalone?????




      Can I get Camera raw as an free standalone program. I have tested camera raw an I love it...

      Please help!!!



      I´m Swedish...

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          Jeff Schewe Level 5

          Camera Raw is a plug-in for Photoshop only...no stand alone option. There is however, Lightroom which is based on the Camera Raw pipeline and shares the processing capabilities with ARC.

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            sennahojx Level 1

            Is it any FREE program that is as good as camera raw. I use Nikon.

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              Noel Carboni Level 8




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                Level 4

                Anonym jly wrote:


                …I´m Swedish...


                No kidding!  From your posts I would have guesses you were …  oooops! Politically incorrect.  Never mind. 

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                  I'd love to be able to just get Camera Raw as a standalone, or even just upgrade that portion (and I'm not Swedish). I have CS4 Design Premium, and a new DSLR. According to Ad$be, I have to upgrade the whole @*$^#*&$ suite just to get Camera Raw 6. No wonder so many people use Gimp.

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                    Jeff Schewe Level 5

                    You can download the free DNG Converter and convert new cameras to DNG that will open all the way back to ACR 2.4 in CS2. That's the best you can hope for cause the only standalone ARC will be Lightroom. And note there are real and significant technical reasons why backwards compatibility for ACR isn't simply an economic policy but a technical policy as well. You have fun using Gimp....

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                      Coaster67 Level 1

                      Actually have that download running now.

                      I can see it as a technical policy. An economic policy?

                      No. Funny Guy, you are. Or a politician.

                      Ad$be has had students and professionals (though not so much) by the balls for quite some time now, and they know it. The only companies that outsource their tech support to non-technical firms that have to use problem trees or "look at the website to see what we sell" sales support staff are the ones who can afford not to have great customer service anymore. When you've gotten the market that cornered, customer service is just in the way.


                      Fun and Gimp don't go in the same sentence, btw. But you might find that "college student" is often found with it. When the software upgrades faster than the degree programs complete, that "student edition" isn't really that economical when you have to buy it several times.

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                        ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        You get what you pay for.  If Gimp was better, no one would buy Adobe products.  Adobe uses its revenue to develop new software and pay its investors.   Adobe makes money off people who make money with their software.  Why do you have Design Premium in the first place?  If your income from the software doesn't support the ownership of the software then you should be using something else, or viewing it as a hobby or a toy that you can afford via income from some other career.

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                          Coaster67 Level 1

                          Why I have Design Premium has nothing to do with this thread, I was just making a point.


                          lol I can't decide if you missed my point on purpose or not. Obviously there was never a question of something being better or not better... unless you made a question of it...?


                          People only use free programs such as Gimp and the like beacuse, as I stated before, they are in situations where they don't have a couple thousand to plop down every couple years just because one portion of the suite they bought isn't compatible anymore, and Adobe refuses to upgrade "parceled out". Many of these people are college students, so they paid $700 or so instead of a couple thousand. At least, the first time, and maybe even the second time. By the third time, they've usually graduated and gotten a job doing something completely different. There isn't a disclaimer that says, "Oh, by the way, you'll have to buy this all over again in a couple years". People think they will buy "the best they can afford" and not have to upgrade it for that much longer...kind of what you run into with graphics cards and antivirus programs much of the time.


                          Ad$be takes advantage of that, they overcharge because they can. They know they have the corner on the market, and rather than become a price point affordable household name, they keep to being the product that drives "starving college students" to use freeware. That was my point.

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                            Noel Carboni Level 8

                            I'm not sure what you mean by parceled out - yes, it's a known fact that you can't upgrade individual products from a past suite purchase.  But there's nothing saying you can't upgrade individual products from prior individual product purchases.  I've been doing that for decades with Photoshop.


                            And yes, Adobe has the products everyone wants, and they charge good money for them.


                            This demonstrates the very best of capitalism.  More power to them!  You want to play, you have to pay.  And Adobe DOES give poor college students a SERIOUS break.  You wouldn't even think to suggest that Ferrari should make their cars $10,000 for college students - you'd be laughed out of the room.  Yet Adobe is doing that very thing - all the while you're complaining they're not!


                            Lastly, Camera Raw is not an image editor - not even close.  It doesn't have all the features needed to stand alone. 


                            So save your pennies and just buy Photoshop.  Upgrades aren't all that expensive down the line, and it'll do the economy good.  Or do you want to see America fail?



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                              Hudechrome Level 2

                              Um, err, " Suppot America. Buy Adobe!"


                              That would make a good bumper sticker! Not quite true in any case. You would also be supporting at least India and maybe China as well.

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                                Moderated: Please do not advocate software piracy.

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                                  Yammer Level 4

                                  All I'd like to add is that you can use Camera Raw with Bridge, and not even open Photoshop. In fact, I usually do 95% of my processing this way, and only use Photoshop for retouching and/or special effects plug-ins.

                                  Okay, it's not standalone, but if you close your eyes and imagine that Bridge is like a fancy Windows Explorer, then it almost is. ;-)

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                                    Hudechrome Level 2

                                    That's missing a great number of subtleties amazing at times, which PS supplies but ACR does not. And visa versa. Take b&w, for instance. Open a Raw file in ACR, do the conversion to taste. Then open a copy of the same raw file set it to camera defaults, open in PS and convert to taste.


                                    Compare both. I think you will find enough differences to suggest that the job isn't really done until you examined both contributions. And then you can set one as a layer over the other and combine the best of both.


                                    My oh, my! The darkroom was never like this! Just imagine combining two negs in the enlarger. 4 glass surfaces to scrupulously clean, then 4 neg surfaces. By the time you get to the last surface you have to start over!


                                    Then you get to spot!


                                    Lady McBeth was an old hand at this......

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                                      Noel Carboni Level 8

                                      dhoynopasa wrote:


                                      It's easy.

                                      Use Windows. Download it, crack it.



                                      Crack it, have the police over, hear your rights.




                                      You're a freaking moron, dhoynopasa, you know that?  Pretty much all of what's wrong with society today is because of thinking like that.


                                      Post your address so we can all come over and steal YOUR stuff.  You clearly think stealing is okay.



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                                        Hudechrome Level 2

                                        They don't read rights any more.....