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    Remove the Navigation Pane Mini tool bar

      I have Robo Wizard's skinny on skins (which has been a GREAT HELP) to see if there is some magical way of making this little critter disappear. The only suggestion there is to set the bar size to 1 so it is still there but can't be seen.

      The problem is I have to work to very tight accessibility rules and have Jack boot wearing autocrats enforcing them. I have managed with the remnants of a smile to comply some how with all the requirements, from related topics buttons that are text and not buttons, relative text sizes everywhere including the related topics pop up to banishing tables and images.

      If I just hide the tool bar I'm going to have continued criticism over the use of frames, which I will have difficulty defending if I have item there that aren't used or seen.

      So to finally get to the point, does anyone know how to remove the mini tool bar?