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    PRE9: Creating new project, or opening existing project, brings up blank Editor window (pretty much)

    Stephen JSp Level 1



      I was using PRE8 (Premier Elements) and PSE 8.  Could never really get Pre8 to work. (I'm happy with Elements 8).  I decided to bite the bullet and buy the elements 9/PRE9 bundle (good deal on Amazon).  I removed Elements 8, PRE8, and did a brand new install of the v9 software for both (may have been waste of money!!)


      Scenario 1:

      I cannot get PRE9 to create a project that I can edit.  (to be honest I had a similar problem with PRE8, however there I could create it but it wouldn't let me open it).  It creates the project it seems and then the editor window comes up, however just about all items in the PRE9 editor menu are greyed out.  Except the "New" and "Open (existing project)" menu items.  No way for me to add video clips to the project etc.  So useless!


      Scenario 2:

      I go into elements organiser, select a video, then in the "Fix" menu, choose "Edit Video".  PRE9 editor comes up, again like before, only "New" and "Open" menu items accessible.  Then it tells me "project file corrupt, cannot open" (or something close to this)


      Any suggestions?   This seems very basic and fundamental, I'm astounded I'm having problems in such basic tasks right after a clean install.


      Configuration: Dell Inspiron 17 laptop, Intel i7 processor, 4GB RAM.  PRE 9.0.1, Elements 9.0.3. Windows 7, 64 bit.  I've got the install done by Dell out of the box. I pretty much only use this PC for Elements and PRE (and web browsing - of course that can result in who knows what being downloaded to your PC).  I'm using MacAfee virus checker.  I turned this off during install of PRE9  (not during install of Elements 9 though, forgot to turn off)


      Many thanks for any advice.  I'm new to this forum, apologies if I posted in the wrong place (let me know where to post if I did)