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    blank captions

      1. We have just purchased adobe captivate cs5, when we use automatic captions in recording , we get blank  captions.
      2. We want to use captivate with RTL , captions , as instructed in the adobe site we add a specific RDL file , it does not seem there is any change , we can not see any of it (we did chang the language in the pref. where the file we created appeared)


      thank you

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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Hello and welcome to the forum,

          Your question is not very clear, do you always have blank captions for any language. Could you perhaps try another language in the Preferences?



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            avico Level 1

            Thank you for your swift reply,

            We get blank caption no matter which language we choose.


            I hope you have some idea , for i have a project with a nearing dead line.

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              RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Am I understanding correctly that you've substituted the standard Adobe RDL file (the file that determines the text inserted into automatic captions) with a different one of your own?


              If so, is this because there was no RDL file for the language you wanted to use?  What language?

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                avico Level 1

                We tried to create a hebrew RTL file (which has to writen

                end-to-start because there is no hebrew font for cs5 as was in


                but we have the problem even when we use english.

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                  RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  OK.  I'm getting the picture a little clearer.  May I ask, did it always have this issue from the time you installed Cp5 or only since you started trying to get this Hebrew RDL file to work?  I'm wondering whether something you've done may have corrupted the installation and you may need to reinstall Captivate to get everything working again.