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    Loading xtra using openXlib

    Czajka Level 1
      I'm trying to load an xtra using openXlib. The goal is to copy the xtra off of a CD (using buddyapi), then load it from the hard drive. My copy routine will not overwrite the xtra if it is already there and newer. This gives me the ability to update the xtra in the future. We had a problem where Microsoft sent out an update and it trashed the xtra (WebViewer). The xtra was updated within a few weeks, but of course on a previous CD the xtra was accessed from the CD. We had to build an installer that copied the entire contents of the CD onto the hard drive and then overwrite the old xtra. I'm trying to minimize this process for a future CD, if the problem should occur again.

      Is it possible that some xtras can only be loaded from the xtras folder? This is the code I'm trying to test with and it's not working and there are no errors generated from calling this code, but there are other errors saying the WebViewer xtra is not loading. The xtra is where it should be:

      openXlib "C:\Windows\TEMP\XXX\tempxtras\WebViewer.x32"
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          Xtramania Level 1
          Normally scripting xtras are ok with OpenXLib, but if you are loading the asset xtra that provides special cast members, then you have to make sure that you load xtra before loading castlibs that rely on that xtra.
          Try making stub movie that loads needed xtras and then move to the movie that uses newly loaded xtra.