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    Actionscript Modules

    Gerhard, L. M.

      Hello there,

      I'm having a problem with the Actionscript Modules, please help.


      I have an Actionscript Project, with 3 classes defined at Actionscript Modules.

      When I create or edit, FlashBuilder show me the output SWF input field. So I have defined the name of the .swf file corresponding to the class. ok.

      It also says ('in output folder') so I expect to find my module file at my output bin.


      But it compiles the modules inside a folder structure that flash builder builds all alone. It creates folders such as my packages inside the output folder. Missing all my .swfs.


      For example: I have a class client.view.home.HomePage.as at Actionscript Modules i defined it will be exported as home.swf

      But at my bin folder I got: bin/client/view/home/home.swf  I want it to be as bin/home.swf


      How can I change this?