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    design advice - constant media player


      There's a media player design element which I wish to produce and for ease of explanation, it's being done at www.intecdigital.com


      The mp3/music player element remains constant throughtout the site and the playback is not interrupted by page/state changes


      I am new to CS5 Web Premium and I am not sure if this can be done in Flash - Flash Catalyst or both.


      Any advice ?

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          That is the nature of a Flash design.  You aren't changing pages/files, just presentations within the same file, so leaving the MP3 presentation always present is a simple matter of making it so.


          I know nothing of Flash Catalyst except that it is advertised as not involving writing code, so if it has the option to insert players without writing code =it might work.  Flash Professional is definitely an option for creating a Flash site... when all else fails, Flash Professional is the mother of all derivatives.

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            munkeymike Level 2

            This only works if your whole site is Flash. If not then you have to be trickier in your html coding.

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              k3dj Level 1

              I am producing and providing 3 site options. One is mere text and another is just HTML with STATIC IMAGES and no animation or funky flash stuff.


              The third is purely being worked in Flash Pro and Flash Catalyst. Hence, I hope to cover all bases to keep users happy.


              I am just finding my feet with Flash so I am having to tread carefully and slow which is why I am asking for advice.


              Judging by the replies I can do this with the 2 Flash Applications which is great. I had planned to use Dreamweaver HTML merely to layout a Table to hold the Flash Files and produce all the Meta Data stuff. Considering that is all I will use, I believe the Answer is YES I can create such a design feature.


              Or does that basic use of HTML in Dreamweaver mess it up ? I think it's worth spending the time to develop and design this to see if it works. If the principle is just to leave the media player in all states with Flash Cataylst then it will not be as tricky as I had thought. I may eat those words in a few weeks though : )


              Thanks for all the replies