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    swf content loading problem


      HI, I have some problems of swf content in Flash Catalyst.

      I designed a small website for my artwork http://sacdigitaldesign.com/qliu/redgirl.html. It begins with a slide show created in Flash and published as a swf file. I imported the .swf file in Flash Catalyst and uploaded the project (deploy-to-web) to a remote server. The swf file is only 4.4MB however it takes quite long time to load when the site is launched specially at the 1st time.  And the worst is slide show stopped or not load at all.


      I talked to other people and saw similar problem. Is it because the swf file is too big? But if I download the swf file to a local station, it works perfectly.


      Is there anything I can do it improve it?


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          try optimizing artwork before publishing, make sure component files are only a

          s big as you need them, images buttons, all of that. Swf seems to be sensitive wh

          en it comes to that

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            liu_sacwebdeisgn Level 1

            Thanks for the suggestions! I was thinking about optimizing and redoing the beginning slide show but didn't get time to do it yet.



            It kind of confusing that .swf file size is so sensitive even when it's not very big. I also notice my students had similar problems with smaller swf files. Flash Catalyst's allowed file size is 40MB. But practically, based on my own experience, the allowed file size should be under 15MB. Otherwise it will take long time to load in browser windows.