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    can you save a demonstration session as a assessment session

      Does anyone know if you can make a assessment session from a demonstration or training mode. I would like to work with the same files it is just easer, but I can not add hints in an already developed demonstration mode.
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          KeithJohnson Level 1
          Never mind. I just manually inserted new click boxes. Just thought their might be an faster way.
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            CatBandit Level 3
            Hi KeithJohnson,

            There is not currently any way to "capture once - output to many" ... perhaps in version 3 but not yet. But I've been creating interactive content from what began as demos for years, without too much effort involved to do so.

            Before you make the Demo recording (in Recording Options), set the default for your highlight box at "Red" in color with a border of, say, 3-4 pixels ... so it is is bright and easy to see. This is a most important step, because in demonstration mode, a highlight box is automatically placed at the point you are to click next ... it will all be clear in a moment...

            1) After recording "mymov ie_demo" and saving it ...

            2) Use "File > Save As" to give it a new name - perhaps "mymovie_sim" ...

            3) As you are looking at it in Storyboard mode, notice that you can see each highlight box now, because of the bright red color and the thick red border ...

            4) Go to the 1st slide containing a red highlight and open it for editing ...

            5) Create a click-box with generic options set ... for instance, On Success set it to "Go To Next Slide", and allow "Infinite" for the number of attempts - like that ...

            6) Save the click-box and the project ...

            7) "Select" the click-box on the time-line, and COPY it to the Windows clipboard ...

            8) Go out to Storyboard View, and "select" each remaining slide that has a bright red highlight box ... when done they should each be darkened to show they have been "selected" ...

            9) Use the keyboard shortcut (CTRL+V) to "paste" your new click-box to all selected slides...

            10) You will have to open each slide to adjust the position of the pasted click-boxes, but this should be easy since all you have to do is to cover the bright-red highlight box with the pasted click-box (then delete the highlight box if you wish) ...

            11) Hints and other optional objects can be automatically added to the original (Demo) recording by altering the Recording Options to include them ...

            It sounds like a lot of steps but in fact, you should be able to turn a Demo into a Simulation in no time - with a little practice.

            Have a nice day!
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              larrynard Level 1

              CatBandit -  your response caught my eye.  I have been thinking about this same topic in my recent job.  I would like to "show" my users how to do something (demo only), then let them "try it" (with hints), then I would "test" them (no hints).  Should I record all options (demo, training, and assessment)?  Or should I record in Training mode, then remove the hint options for showing the users or testing the users, or some other option?


              I'm at a stand still because I don't want to try one way and after 3 days of editing, realize that it was the wrong way.  Can you (or anyone) offer any guidance?  I am using Captivate 3, with no chance of upgrade to Captivate 4.



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                Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Hi Larry


                I haven't seen CatBandit around here in eons, so I'm not sure if he will come back and reply on this. And you did say Can you (or anyone) offer any guidance? so I'll be happy to try and help.


                When you record in Captivate 3 you have an option of enabling Demo AND Simulation modes. When you record that way Captivate creates a Demo and a Simulation using the same steps. That's really the easier way to fly if you can. What CatBandit outlined was the process you would need to follow if you had not recorded that way and all you had was a Demo or a Sim and wanted to create the other.


                Therefore if you really want or need all three modes, it would seem to make better sense to record all three at once. Then tweak as needed.


                You won't be shooting yourself in the foot by doing so as far as I can tell.


                Cheers... Rick



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