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    RAID - Areca Driver Installation

    mikeklar Level 1

      First, thank you Harm and Eric for all you comments to my previous questions under a separate title.

      I'm about to place an order for Areca ARC 1880ix-12 RAID card and after reading the manual found the section on "Driver Installation", which has to be done using a floppy drive.

      The mother board on which this will reside does not have a floppy drive connector, however, Wondows 7 allows a USB device to be used as an alternative.  Having installed an older RAID card on this mother board requiring a firmware upgrade it had to be done on an older computer which had the floppy drive connector available.  No one (in this case Adaptec) had done this using an USB device and although the WEB sites are full of "how to" none could confirm they had actually done it this way.

      To my question:

      Is the "Driver Installation" procedure for the above card really necessary on an existing system?



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          Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

          No it is not necessary.  Just install the card and when it boots you can setup your RAID with the fireware on the card.  Windows will not find it of course.  Install the driver with Windows open and possibly reboot.  Windows this time will find your card and they you have the typical hard drive initializing and formatting.

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            mikeklar Level 1

            Thank you Bill

            It is confusing reading the manual as the terminology used is different from Adaptec's and I'm no expert on this.

            It's still a little unclear what is meant by "This chapter describes how to install the 6Gb/s SAS RAID controller driver to your operating system".  Initially I thought it is for firmware update.

            Thanks again.