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    VB6 - can't save a project with flash.ocx control - why won't Adobe fix?


      After a full day of research, this seems to be an ongling problem for at least a year now.   VB6 developers who have gone in to do maintenance on their applications that call flash.ocx are finding that they can no longer save their projects because of some change that was introduced by Adobe in the release following flash10e.ocx.  In another post here http://forums.adobe.com/message/2931807#2931807 a work around is given of uninstalling flash and installing any version on or before 100452.  Because the applications still run fine until the developer tries to make a change and save the VB6 project, the scope of this problem has probably not been fully realized.  For this reason, this issue will likely only gain momentum in the future.


      I spent the morning contacting several people at Adobe and I discovered the only way apparently to get support for this issue is to open a "web case".   From further research, what I understand a "web case" costs around $200 and with that price there is nothing telling me what comes with a "web case".  I mean, if I were to buy one, would the problem be fixed or would they research it and say "I am very sorry but we are not going to fix that".   If there is a guarantee that the problem will be fixed, then can Adobe establish a pool where the $200 cost can be shared by everyone who has the issue?   That couldn't be more than a buck or two each because if you google this problem "System Error &H80004005 using flash.ocx" you will find about 5 pages of people reporting the problem.


      Microsoft reports that a System Error &H80004005 error can normally be fixed by chaning the OCX in this manner:



      Sounds like Adobe made a slight change to the flash.ocx in the release following 100452 that removed the couple of definitions descibed by Microsoft in the URL above.  All of Microsoft's suggestions for the developer using the bad OCX call fail (simply adding a line to the OCX:


      , however, since the problem (and the answer) is locked deep inside the flash.ocx source code, only Adobe can resolve it.  Let's hope someone reads this and takes action.   In advance - please and thank you Adobe.