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    Navigation Tabs in Skin


      I've recently upgraded from Robohelp X5 to Robohelp 9 (yeah I know, talk about holding out) and don't see the need to continue using my Zoom Search addition to my compiled help, as the new robohelp search features are mostly the same.


      When I go in to build my compiled help I have removed my additional search tab I created for Zoom Search and re-selected the original Robohelp Search. When I compile and then deploy to server the old Zoom help still appears.


      What files are generated that affect the search tabs in my skin that I need to replace in order for the changes to take affect?

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          Zoom Search does have features not offered by RoboHelp but the differences are now fewer so I can understand some people will now use the built in search.


          Your output folders include one for the search but it should not matter as the contents are only accessed when the user clicks the search button that you created for Zoom Search. That button is created in the skin but again that should not matter.If you have deselected the button when you generate the help and selected the RoboHelp button, then the RoboHelp search should be called.


          I think you need to carefully check things as from what you say, there is no way for ZoomSearch to be accessed, unless of course there is something you haven't told us.


          See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips



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            gthomson_ca-1OTSyt Level 1

            Thanks for the quick resposne Peter. There must be something more to it as you say, because I have unselected the Zoom Search function on the compile and selected the Robohelp Search but when I deploy the files to our server I still see Zoom Search tab and not the robohelp tab. I think i need to clear the directory first and start from scratch with the new compiled files.