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    how to make animations less chopy? opinions, advice require

    miguel8312 Level 3

      Hi guys ive been using flex now for about 2 years. Love flex dont have to much to  complaint about it is  extremely flexible however i have one simple question that i just dont quite understand and im hoping someone here can shed some light. Picture this. I have a grid and a call to a webservice. when i click on the grid item it makes a call to the webservice once the webservice returns the array of items i  want to play an animation. But what i have noticed is that at the point the dataprovider is assign to the grid  the application basically freezes. This is due to the fact that by assining the dataprovider to the grid flex internally is looping the colletction and passing it to the grid. Well if you are trying to play and animation while the dataprovider is being assignt the animation gets choppy... is there any techniques around this? I would really love to hear about how other people have overcomed this challenge or I'm i the only idiot thats dealing with this.

      Any responses would be greatly appreciated.