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    Fun with Arithmetic (the effect)

    jdmack01 Level 1

      I was playing around with some of the effects in Premiere that I hadn't used before, and stumbled upon the "Arithmetic" effect (under channel).  If you're looking for a weird look and you want to throw good taste out the window, this might be the effect for you!  It's like "tint" on steroids. Move one or more of the sliders (R G and B) and then run through the "operator" values (sort of the equivalent of blending modes).  You can get everything from simulated night vision, to an effect like rotoscoping with MS Paint, to solarizing gone mad, to simulated very bad white balance.  This might not be useful for most day-to-day projects, but it's a lot of fun to play with, and it just may come in handy for the client who asks "can you do something weird with this?"


      J. D.