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    Is there a safe mode for Adobe Reader


      I want my Adobe Reader run in a safe mode, which does nothing more than just open the document in plain text mode.

      Specifically, I want:

        1. Don't run any script in pdf file. (I think this can be done by Edit -> Preferences -> JavaScript  -> uncheck Eable Acrobat JavaScript checkbox)

        2. Don't navigate to any link in pdf file. Just consider them as plain text.

        3. Disable 3D and Multimdia features

        4. Disable Forms

        5. Don't execute anything embed in pdf file

      The reason for this is I get some pdf files which I can't trust owner of these files. Even after antivirus scan, I am still not comfortable enough to open these pdf files by Adobe Reader in normal mode with above features enabled.

      Can Adobe Reader be configured that way? Is there any alternative software for my requirement?