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    Code assist for standard CF Functions like dateadd()

    Robet McCarthy

      I think I am missing something here....


      I can not get any code assist for standard CF functions by which I mean not CF tags. If I type dateadd() nothing pops up, even when I press ctrl space.


      I have found that If I wrap some functions inside of a cfscript tag then code assist jumps right in as you would expect, so its definitly there it just won't work for me out side of these tags.


      All other Code assists works a charm.


      I have the same issue in CF Builder 1 and 2 beta.


      Hope someone can help.

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          DFBurns Level 1

          I too am finding code assist very finicky. I can't pin it down precisely but it does seem *very* context sensitive. For instance, if the lines following the current line have syntax errors then it's unlikely to work. If I experiment by commenting out those lines, it then seems to work better. But by that point, you've done more typing than you would if you just typed it out without using CodeAssist. :-)