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    Remove Spider Web

    John Ratard Level 1

      I have an AVI file converted from 8mm film showing an aircraft landing on a runway and offloading passengers.  There is a spider web visible on the top left corner of the frame.  So far, I have not been able to determine the most convenient way to replace the spider web with the background.  The problems I face are as follows:

      - the background is visible through the thin, lacey web

      - the web is fixed while the background moves

      - initially, the web sits on a moving background of sky and tops of a heavily treed area

      - when offloading passengers, the web sits on parts of the fixed aircraft

      It may be possible to replace the top corner of the frame with the top corner of following frames.  However, the moving background is not fixed vertically.


      As I am new to rotoscoping and replacing forground images with backgrounds when editing video, how should I proceed without wasting time on frame by frame editing, training and looking in the wrong direction?

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          Can you send your project for open?





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            Dave LaRonde Level 6

            You could give multiple instances of CC Simple Wire Removal a shot.  I don't hold out a lot of hope for it, though.

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              John Ratard Level 1

              Hi Cristian,


              I have separated the clip needing removal of the spider web from the

              project.  However, the clip is still 306MB in size.  This is too large for

              my isp's limit when sending attachments with emails.


              How can I send a clip of this size to you?





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                diego6px Level 1

                you can try rapidshare.com , megaupload.com, they are sites for uploading and share big files!




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                  John Ratard Level 1

                  I have sent a portion of the clip at approx 10MB for review.

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                    Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    This is where a screen shot would really help. There are several options including tracking, cloning, masking, background replacement. There's just not quite enough info in your description to give me any idea of which approach to suggest. A screen shot or even 10 frames of the video at half size would do.

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                      John Ratard Level 1

                      Hi Rick,


                      Together with my previous email reply to Cristian via Adobe, I sent a 10MB sequence of frames as an attachment.  The message of the email appears but I do not see the avi file attachment.  I have not posted files of any size before.  This would provide the sequences of images you requested.  What do I need to do to make this file available for you all to see?

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                        Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                        Just post a screenshot or two here in the forum. There's no need to send or attach an entire movie file.

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                          John Ratard Level 1

                          Thanks Todd,


                          I note that I can insert both a photo and video from the icons showing in this post dialog box.  Here are two screen shots.  Hope this helps.  You may also have some tips to remove scratch lines due to projector film gates.  If I do need to post video, what is the size limit?



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                            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                            Oh, that's quite bad. Depending on motion in the shot, you may be able to use the Clone Stamp tool with a temporal offset to clone in pixels from preceding or subsequent frames.


                            But, were I in your situation, I might try to take a more drastic approach: The spider web is already doing about a quarter of the job of a vignette for you. I'd go the rest of the way, and create a strong vignette, blurring and darkening the corners of the image to focus attention on the center, where the action is. If you've got a heavy vignette, at least it will look like a deliberate choice.

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                              diego6px Level 1

                              I think the same, just trying to make a vignette as a good solution.

                              the face behind the spider you´ll never make it visible.




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                                John Ratard Level 1

                                Hi Todd and Cristian,


                                Thank you for your vignette recommendation.  I was hoping that something was available to help me avoid time consuming sectional and frame by frame cloning using following frames to get rid of the web.  I tried this but the result was unsatisfactory because the transition from frame to frame of the cloned areas looked unnatural.  The face of the gentleman exiting the plane became available in following frames but the head replacement was equally unnatural.  Creative Suite 5 and mocha have great tools but they work best in video taken in more structured environments.  This includes the training videos as well.


                                I am dealing with 1950 and 1960 8mm film from the South Pacific that suffers from humidity spots, a spiders web in the film gate, and changing lenses on rotating turrets when the viewfinder was not adjusted to match the lens perspective.  Over the years, apart from the poor resolution of the 8mm frame size, bleeding of the color emulsion layers is evident.  Such is life in the fast lane.