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    RH9 error: .cpd file corrupt


      I've just received this error for the second time. The first time I "tried deleting the .cpd file and reopening the project. All the topics were missing -- each topic name was in the project with a red delete/broken X across it.


      After vainly trying several approaches to getting my topics back, I decided to start over. The original project was converted from RH7. I decided to create a new RH9 project and import topics. That seemed to be working well, except two topics would not import. Each caused RH9 to lock up with a "busy" hourglass and when I closed RH9, I got the Windows XP SP3  "not responding. End now?" error.


      So I created new topics in Dreamweaver and pasted the text into them and imported the new topics. I use Dreamweaver as an editor; I am not fond of the RH editor -- a totally different conversation. (Likewise, the RH9 conversion of RH7 projects is a totally different conversation.)


      With all topics now in the project, I started to rebuild the TOC and completed most of the TOC when RH9 locked up again. When I tried to reopen the project, I got the error shown below (again). Is there a way to remove the corruption from my .cpd file?  Should I totally give up and go back to RH7?


      This project has between 300-400 topics and about 1250 files in the compiled version. We're using both conditional build tags (4 builds) and user defined variables (also 4). I have discovered that the RH9 codes for both build tags and user variables are different from RH7 (and they didn't convert) and have begun the process of recoding the first section of the project. Should I not attempt to import a topic into RH9 until after all the codes in the topic are updated to the RH9 version?


      Does this issue have anything to do with the new RH9 doctype code that automagically applies itself to any topic that is opened in the RH editor?  From what I've read, I do not want to use XHTML and want to stay with the HTML doctype I've been using with this project. We compile WebHelp and deliver the Help with web-based applications. A sample of the RH9 doctype follows.

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
      <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"
      <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">


      I hesitate to do anything more without guidance. Rebuilding this project again is a discouraging thought.


      Thank you for your response and advice!

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          ksnichols Level 1

          The corrupt cpd error:


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            Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Have you tried Peter's advice on grainge.org about opening projects?

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              ksnichols Level 1

              I've just read those instructions and am willing to try to recover the

              project. What could be corrupting this file? I would like to avoid

              having it happen again -- the fix could be time-consuming.


              Also should note that before I recreated the project a second time, I

              downloaded the replacement file specified for all who use build tags in


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                Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

                The time consuming fix is when a RoboHelp 8 project went corrupt and whilst your problem looks like that in some ways, it cannot be the same.


                Several things in your first post need commenting on but it will have to be tomorrow. It's late here.


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                  ksnichols Level 1

                  thanks, Peter! Tomorrow is soon enough.

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                    Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

                    When you upgraded, two topics caused a problem so you recreated them in Dreamweaver and are still having problems. Whether or not there is a link is another matter but they have to be on the list of things to look at. The fact that you rebuilt them in DW also has to be considered. I note you don't like the RoboHelp editor but maybe using it would be the best place to get a topic the way RoboHelp 9 wants it. Otherwise it's a bit like complaining a Mercedes engine doesn't run so well in a BMW, it wasn't made for it.


                    I'm not clear whether when you rebuilt the project did you import from the RoboHelp 7 copy or the RoboHelp 9 copy? Personally I would have attempted the upgrade again to see if it choked second time around. If it did, I would have removed those two topics and then had another go.


                    Whilst the way of writing build tags and variables may have changed, the upgrade has handled it for everyone else so again I am wondering what is going wrong for you.


                    What have you read that is putting you off XHTML? You cannot change that in the source. You can generate outputs in HTML format but I don't see any reason for that if the output is giving you problems.


                    Try the approach I have suggested and see what happens. How big is the project zipped up, after removing any output folders?


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                      ksnichols Level 1

                      Actually, I did try converting the original RH7 project to RH9 several times before last week and my first corrupted .cpd. Each time the project was successfully upgraded, but RH7 build tags were not converted. When I first noticed the tags weren't converted, I rechecked the HTML version of a topic created in the RH7 editor against the HTML coding entered in Dreamweaver and it matched exactly. I retested that this afternoon again just in case I'd missed something.


                      Today I have uninstalled, re-downloaded and reinstalled RH9. Since all my desktop icons flash/shudder/wiggle when RH9 is launching, and since a coworker had not noticed this, I thought perhaps I had a bad install. After reinstalling, I opened a backup of my RH7 project in RH9, the project upgraded successfully, and the build tags didn't convert. However, the project generated the primary WebHelp output and displayed text for all builds in the same topic.


                      I did not experience the first corrupted .cpd until after I had edited a number of RH9 topics to replace RH7 HTML for build tags with RH9 HTML. I did the editing in Dreamweaver after researching the appropriate codes to use in the HTML version of a topic created with the RH9 editor. Then I opened RH9, saved all, and was adding topics to the TOC when RH9 locked up. After that first corrupt .cpd and not knowing how to get the topics back after deleting the .cpd, I started a new project and imported topics from the RH7 project - essentially I was importing Dreamweaver files. All files but two imported and I agree with you that they could be the cause of the corrupt .cpd.


                      Since RH9 still supports third-party editors, and since Dreamweaver is an Adobe product, I did not consider that to be the issue that you suggest. If that really is a problem, why does Adobe permit using third-party editors?


                      Last night after I renamed the corrupt .cpd, the project would not open in RH9. I extracted my backup zip files several more times to try your website process again with no luck. The project is 51Mb zipped without the SSL output folders.


                      I am back where I started over two weeks ago and still don't know why the .cpd file became corrupted twice.


                      thanks for your suggestions.

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                        Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

                        When you say the tags were not converted, do you mean they were not listed in the CBT pod. Often just creating "new" tags with the missing names is all that is needed to fix that.


                        Today I have uninstalled, re-downloaded and reinstalled RH9. Since all my desktop icons flash/shudder/wiggle when RH9 is launching


                        At what point, before or after you have selected a project. If after, is it only with this project or also with a sample project? Click Open on the RoboHelp Starter page and then click Samples in the ribbon on the left.


                        DW may not be the problem, my point is that whilst you are having a problem we have to consider that as a possibility.


                        Renaming or deleting the CPD should not cause a project to fail to open. Have you tried pointing RoboHelp to the HHP file instead?


                        See where the above gets you and post back. I'll pick it up in the morning.



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                          ksnichols Level 1

                          The defined build tags are in the RH9 project, but the RH7 codes in the topic files weren't converted to RH9. The metatag in the header converts, but when there are tags within the topic for specific builds, those codes are not converted.


                          For example: RH7 HTML is


                          text goes here


                          and the same text in RH9 HTML for same should be

                          text goes here


                            -- but the conversion doesn't happen when the project is upgraded.


                          The desktop icons flash before I have an opportunity to select a project. The flashing happens as RH9 is launching itself, not when a project is opening.


                          I was unable to get the corrupt project to reopen by selecting the xpj after renaming the .cpd. The project started to open and then hung up with an hourglass. I have not tried to recover with opening the HHP.

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                            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

                            I think something is missing from your post. I'm guessing you posted some code that isn't showing. If that is the case you need to use the Insert icon, next to the smilie.


                            That flashing is not normal but whether it has any bearing on the thread is another matter. It does prompt one thought though. Did you purchase an upgrade license and if so, did you first uninstall RoboHelp 7? I have seen not uninstalling earlier versions cause problems. If you did not uninstall 7, I would uninstall both versions and I would use RevoUninstaller to make sure all traces of both are removed so that when you reinstall 9, you have a clean foundation. Speak to your IT people about that. Quite a number of people have found Revo does get a better uninstall and fixes problems. I cannot say it will fix the flashing as no one has reported that.


                            I guess there is one thing you could try before going that route. Get IT to create a new log on for you. Make sure they do not delete the existing profile at this point. Log in with that new profile and see what happens. Again I have seen that fix odd problems. If it works, you know what the problem was, if not, IT just trash the new profile.


                            If you copy this project to your colleagues machine, do they have the same problems with the crashing?


                            If still no progress, then your project is hosed at the moment but create a backup anyway. Try the HHP approach. Again I am doubtful but we are a bit short on options here.


                            If that too fails, I will take a look and will get you to send me the final RoboHelp 7 version.


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                              ksnichols Level 1

                              The missing sample in the previous was supposed to show the HTML code I saw in both RH7 and RH9 for build tags.


                                   RH7 HTML looks like:  <p style="x-condition: NATL;"><span>...text goes here...</span></p>


                                   RH9 HTML looks like: <? rh-cbt_start condition="NATL" ?><p>...text goes here... </p><?rh-cbt_end ?>


                              The HTML for user variables is similar in both RH7 and RH9. Neither the build tag or user variable code converted during the RH7 to RH9 upgrade -- for me.


                              Is the HTML code for RH9 build tags (shown above) actually XHTML?  It occured to me that perhaps adding an XHTML code into a topic that has a doctype for HTML may be an issue. After correcting the build tag code in Dreamweaver and saving, I closed DW, opened RH9 and did File/Save All. I don't think the doctype changes to XHTML in RH9 unless I import the topic again. Just wondering if that could be part of the problem. Last night I sent a small test project for deploying in the web site test environment -- to see if our web app will handle XHTML documents. Testing is necessary since the "new" RH7 charset utf-8 was not compatible with our web app either. (That was a big struggle to get resolved as well.)


                              I will contact IT today about a second login profile for my computer. My coworker is working on a different project in RH9, but it does not include build tags or user variables and she has not experienced crashing and corrupted .cpd file.


                              thanks for your help!

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                                Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

                                I think it worth getting your co-worker to test a copy of your project.


                                I'll wait until you tried all the suggestions.


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                                  ksnichols Level 1

                                  My coworker upgraded the RH7 project to RH9, generated and the same problem with the build tag shows up in her version. I am waiting for a reply from IT about changing my login profile. I checked before installing RH9, downloaded from the Adobe web site, and did not uninstall RH7. It was my understanding that both apps could run on the same computer. I thought that strange, but since I was working on RH7 projects as well, that's the route I took.


                                  Have you checked with RH Support about the build tags? Could that be a defect?

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                                    Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

                                    You are right that both 7 and 9 can run on the same machine but I  believe that is only permitted if you have full licences for both. You will need to check with Adobe on that but, as I said, I have seen removing the old version when an upgrade has been purchased fix more than one problem.


                                    I don't have a line to Adobe Support, my contacts are elsewhere and I cannot use them for this at this stage.When you have tried the various suggestions made, then I will look at the RoboHelp 7 project and maybe at that point, I can see if Adobe have anything to suggest.


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                                      ksnichols Level 1

                                      As a followup: We have uninstalled both RH7 and RH9 with RevoUninstall, and re-installed only RH7 on the machine. We still have 3yr old laptops that were replaced in January and not sent back to the office, so we installed RH9 there. Unfortunately we work remotely and IT cannot change a login unless we're "wired" in the office, a 2 hour flight away.


                                      Rather than try the HHP approach, I extracted my trusty RH7 backup of the project's previous release and tried upgrading to RH9 again. Again, the build tags and user variables in the body of the topics did not convert from RH7 code to RH9 code. The metatag for conditional builds in the header did convert, but it always has. All builds of the project generate successfully, but the conditional text is not displayed correctly.


                                      I have not had an opportunity to work in RH9 on the upgraded project since last Thurs. and our last correspondence. I'd suggest that the build tag issue is a defect and encourage Adobe to refine the language used in the statement about installing both versions on one machine.

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                                        Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

                                        If you delete all the outputs from the RH7 version, how big is it zipped up?


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                                          ksnichols Level 1

                                          991 files, 51Mb zipped

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                                            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

                                            OK zip it up and send it as per the instructions on the Contact page of my site.


                                            Please include a link to this thread and some instructions to help me see the problem in a specific topic.


                                            It is late here and I will not be able to look at it tomorrow but I will see what I can find asap.


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                                              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

                                              The tag and snippet code was not being updated during the upgrade and the solution to that was to go to the Tools menu and run  Update DHTML effects.


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