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    DVD from PE9 won't play in computer let alone another DVD player


      I produced a 7 minute video in HD. I can play it on my computer either as HD or at standard res from files produced via the "Computer:Export files..." on the Share menu. I need to produce a standard NTSC DVD and when I burn using the "Disc: Burn DVD..." I get a message that the burn has been completed successfully. Yet the DVD will not play on my computer if I reinsert in in the same drive I just used to burn it, and won't play in a regular DVD player either. The computer doesn't even see the disc if I search for it. I've read a lot of stuff about DVD-Rs and booktypes and bitsetting but this doesn't seem to apply here since the computer can't read its own disc. Burning a copy of the files burned to folders doesn't work either. The DVD burner burns everything else just fine. I am using DVD+Rs. Would it make any difference if I used DVD-Rs? Or is there anything else anyone can suggest? I am using Windows 7 Professional. Thanks.