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    Preparing FW file for export to DW

    BlueSkyDesign Level 1

      I am still fairly new to web design and have been working on a website that I just can't seem to get set up properly. I have watched a number of tutorials and have made some changes to the home page and it has improved slightly.


      Attached is the link to my file and was hoping someone would be able to look at it and tell me how to best set it up for export to CSS and HTML to open and edit in DW.  I have only edited the home page so far, so the other pages are set up the way I originally had it.  My biggest problem is the navbar and its buttons.  It creates slices all the way down the page, so when I export it the page is cut up into slices.  Any tips or how-to's on how to optimize my images and/or to link them (so they load last) would also be helpful.