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    Help optimizing movie

    stimey1234 Level 1

      Hi, I am very new to this stuff. I have created a short movie with 21 slides using Fireworks MX V6.0.  I thought that by increasing the frame delay (80/100 second) it would slow the movie down but it plays really fast for some reason. I have tried playing with a bunch of settings but havent figured it out. Is there something that I am missing? Could it be my browser? My other question is what is the best way to decrease the load time (size) of my movie? It's up around 20mb which takes a very long time to load on my wordpress site.


      Download/preview the movie here: http://renewableassociates.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Shade-Analysis-Example .swf

      Wordpress page with movie: http://renewableassociates.com/wordpress/?page_id=142


      Thanks for any help! John