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    Adding payPal shopping cart to a Flash website?

    natdzign Level 3

      Hi there,


      I'm a newbie, creating my first flash website and my first shopping cart, so  be easy on me.


      I've done  a lot of research, however was unable to find any tutorials on how to  set up a  Paypal shopping cart or any other secured shopping cart in a website  that was created in Flash professional CS5, actionscript 3.0. Paypal's  tutorial is  only for html (copy/paste the code in your html website and voila) but  how to integrate shopping cart in Flash website? Any help would be  appreciated.


      This is my first time setting up a cart on a website. I  have a "shop"  button on my site (see picture below) that I would like linked to an  external  page preferably with my items that I would like to sale. Not  sure if paypal's shopping cart can do what I want it to do. Once the  user clicks on the "Shop" button, I'd like for my customer to be able to  see a picture of the items I have for sale, price for each item, a box  where the buyer can write quantity of item desired, add to cart button  and then check out button. With paypal shopping  cart, can I add  pictures beside each item I am selling when entering the  price on  paypal's website or I have to add the pictures of the items I  am  selling directly in my shop section of my website and add a buy now   button for each individual item and then copy/paste the email link  provided by  Paypal to each of my buy now buttons and add that code to  my "Actions" layer within Flash? How would the script look like? And  what if later on I want to add additional info to an item, change price  or delete it completely...would I have to make the changes everytime  within paypal only or I'd have to make the changes on both paypal and my  flash file and upload new copy to server? I'd like for my cart to  integrate with my site (keep the same look and feel, same  layout/background color) preferably but what ever way is the easiest.  Thanks for your help.