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    SWF burn to DVD?


      I have finally finished my school project and all I need to do is put it on a CD..


      Now... how do I do I that?!


      I researched online that I have to convert the swf file into mpeg4 etc to be able to burn on DVD... that does not work at all, when I open the mpeg4 it just plays my swf file like a movie clip -_-"


      My swf file is meant to be a product like a tourist guide, involves clicking etc... and if it does involve converting into some sort of file what do I do with the SkinUnderPlayStopSeekMuteVol1 which is the skin for my video...



      Help guys pleaseeeeeeee!

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          TOverturf Level 1

          Just drag it onto your cd (use it as an usb stick), or just use a usb stick.

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            adninjastrator Level 4

            Your title says "DVD" while your post says "CD"

            There is a world of difference.

            While you can burn data files unto a DVD, just like you can on a CD... if you expect to be able to play the DVD in a DVD player, then you will need to "author" the DVD... with your file ending up as a VOB file.

            What I'm wondering is why you would want to convert your video player .swf file into a video format....

            You have a skin for your video player... so I'm assuming you are just playing a video with the .swf... is that correct?

            Well the .swf is not the video... the .flv file is the video... A .flv file is a container file which can contain both a video and/or audio file inside. So if your goal is to end up with a DVD of the video, why not break open the .flv  container, take out your video and audio and use Windows Movie maker or some other Video editing program to render and burn the DVD? some of those programs can import .flv files directly... for those that can't, use FLV Extract to break open the .flv file:


            Best of luck on your project!


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              To burn SWF to DVD, it is better to convert SWF to DVD supported MP4, VOB, MPEG-2, DivX, Xvid, AVI etc.

              To finish the SWF to DVD format conversion, you may try Avdshare Video Converter with this guide https://www.avdshare.com/swf-to-dvd

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