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    Where are the updates for Flash CS5, CS5.5?  really?


      Why are these small upates now full versions requiring hundreds of dollars to upgrade?  I understand when software makes large improvmenets to upgrade, but

      CS5 should be able to support the new AIR 2.5 or 2.6 systems through a simple update.  These items don't seem like major feature improvements, but more like simple updates to the AIR 2.0 publisher that is already there?  In fact they were in the labs.  same with the iphone packager... these are small updates and extrensions to our CS5 package.


      In fact, I see several discussions showing people how to hack and upgrade that on their own.  I'm confused...  I'm also not stupid, and know why there is new releases from companies, I do it as well with my software, but does anyone else feel that CS3, 4, 5, 5.5, + there is such slow improvements...


      I  personally feel that those who spend $2500 dollars on a piece of software should get some kind of support and longevity out of the software, such as the one above.  Nothing wrong with having new design features in CS 5.5, but basic publishing upgrades to stay current with your flash player that we as developers are trying to support,  seem like should be a courtesy more than anything.


      I'm done venting, but I'm sure I'm not alone...