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    Installing Colour Profiles in Distiller


      Hi All,


      Just wondering if anyone knows how to install colour profiles in Distiller. I need to add a profile to the CMYK area of Working Spaces. I've added the profile to the ColorSync folder, so I was hoping that it would be there to click on when I went to edit the settings, but the profile doesn't show up. Is there something I've done wrong or a step I've missed?

      Thanks for your help!

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          Two things:


          1.— Did you reboot your Mac after installing the profile?


          2.— Keep in mind that profiles have two names: an internal name and an external one.  What you see in the the Finder is the external name; what is displayed in Work Spaces is the internal name, so it may not be in the alphabetical order you expect and display as something completely different from its external name.


          You can open the profile itself by launching the Color Sync utility and then you can see what the internal name so you can look it up in Distiller.





          Wo Tai Lao Le


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            Murrayviews Level 1

            Thanks so much for your response! A computer technician came in and was able to install the profile for me

            But now I have another question!


            The same profile that I used on my last computer was installed on my new computer - no dramas there. But now when I try to create my pdf file using either Distiller or exporting from InDesign, the finished pdf is WAY smaller than what similar files used to be. The original files I created using my old computer are about 12MB, but any newly created pdf files are 1.2MB. Any ideas? This is totally confusing me as all of the settings from the old computer have been made on my new computer.