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    Flex: conditional embedding of images


      We are working on a flex project where we want to balance two challenges a) want to ensure that there is minimal need to be connected to internet- so it can be used offline. This will be used in rural locations with flaky connections

      b) Reduce file size by only embedding those assets in compile mode as is required

      Broadly, the project will go down one of three flows in the module called, based on user choice- Path A, Path B and Path C, which will require image set-A, set-B & set-C respectively (based on settings in the module)

      We want to send over all images in Set-A or set-B or set-C right upfront in the module called, based on choice made in primary project, to minimize need for connectivity once accessed. At the same time I want to avoid sending all three sets and bloating up download size three times.

      The question is how do I conditionally embed images such that if I am going down path A, the module sent down only has images of set-A while going down flow A