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    Listener problems, need help.

      I am relative flash (AS) n00b, so please cut me some slack.

      The problem I have is that the listener that i created to add or remove the scroller works fine, until I maximize the browser window, by clicking the title bar or using the maximize button. If i resize from a browser corner, it works fine. Could someone point me in the right direction or help me out. Thanks in advance.

      Working Sample:

      Vision2Listener = new Object();
      Vision2Listener.onResize = function() {

      // change movieclip properties when the window is resized.
      theVision2_txt._height = Stage.height - 200;

      // Hides slider if Height is high enough
      if (theVision2_txt.maxscroll == 1 )
      dv.alphaTo(0, 3.000000E-001, "easeOutSine");
      line_mc.alphaTo(0, 3.000000E-001, "easeOutSine");
      dv.alphaTo(100, 3.000000E-001, "easeInSine");
      line_mc.alphaTo(100, 3.000000E-001, "easeInSine");

      // end if

      Thanks again.