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    Problem with inserting title sheet in sequence


      Hi everyone,


      I've recently started using Premiere Pro CS5 so I've only mastered the basics, but up untill now everything went well.


      My problem is as follows:

      To add a title in a sequence, I could drag it from the Project Menu in my sequence or click on the right mouse button and select the option 'insert' or 'overlay'.

      Currently however, the right mouse menu does not display these options, i.e. they're grey and unclickable. Moreover, when I drag a title to the sequence, it automatically 'overlays' instead of 'inserting'.


      In order to insert a title in my sequence, I now have to open in in te Source Monitor (that option is clickable), choose 'insert' and drag the title in the sequence. It's quite laborious and frustrating, since I have a feeling it's just a matter of changing my settings...


      Could you please help me out on this one?