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    Proxy for compositing


      i planned to use proxies for my composite, but JPGs don't support alphas and lower-res PNGs still don't seem to allow me to scrub thru my timeline with ease.  I was hoping someone on this forum could suggest an alternative.  Thank you.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          TIFFs work reasonably well for me. However, and I think that is the part you need to understand, proxies do not magically accelerate effects processing because that is done at the original resolution still. Everything else would defeat the purpose. Proxies really only accelerate footage I/O, nothing more, hence effects applied to your footage may stil lslow down things to a point where you cannot scrub in realtime....



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            JesseHarris Level 1

            RAM Preview might be a good answer for you.  I have used Proxies extensively, and Mylenium has a good point, they work for scrubbing footaqe w/o effects in place.  I don't know what kind of effects you're trying to play in real time.  For me, preview is as close to realtime as you can get.  For Mac Press 0 on the numeric keypad, your effects and comp will render in RAM, go to Composition in the menu bar, then select Save RAM Preview.  You can also limit your workspace in the timeline to speed things up if you don't need to render the whole comp to view your effect(s).


            Good luck, hope this helps.



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              john.slately Level 1

              i understand that AE isn't suppose to be about realtime feedback...I guess i'll stick to RAM preview and lower preview sizes...thanks for all the feedback.