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    My fullscreen slideshow wont selfstart


      To make it easy for my collegues to show a slideshow in full screen with 5 sec. delay and a soft transistion, I have made one in Acrobat and expect people to run it with 1 click in their Acrobat Reader X. It seems like I can store these parameters in acrobat PRO X under: EDIT-PREFERENCES-FULLSCREEN. There you can take away the "Alert when document requests full screen",  set the speed of the full screen slideshow and ask it to loop. THE PROBLEM: even after saving the parameter the file wont start automaticilly to change slides. YES I know i can change the settings back to advance the show in Reader on each computer, but the hole point is to make a Oneclick experience. How can I pack the parameters into the file once and for all? PS You need a PC without Acrobat (only the reader) to remake my problem.