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    joining several swf files into one swf file


      hello everybody


      i've been dealing this issue for too long and decided to ask for  help - how can I unite 15 swf files which placed in one folder to a one swf file???

      i tried all kindes of merging softwares like "Join (Merge, Combine) Multiple SWF Files Into One Software" and "WinMerge" without success and tried to convert swf to flv (cause i found other merging software for flv files) but again...

      I have CS5 so if i'll have to open Flash for this i will, though i'm trying to avoid that and even then i'm gonna need full instructions.

      All i need is this simple thing so i'll appreciate very much any help


      Thanks & Good Day


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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          To keep it somewhat brief, you cannot join several swf files into one file and still have things work if the files involve actionscript.  You would need to have the fla files and then you could copy the timelines of each fla into movieclips in one main file.  What you need to do if you do not have the fla source files is to dynamically load the separate files at run time.

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            kerenedri27 Level 1

            Hi Ned

            Thank you very much for your reply!



            Can you please explain me how exactly i "dynamically load the separate files at run time" and what does it mean.

            As you understand i dont have the fla source file...




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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If you don't have any of the Flash source files, including the main one that you want to put everything in, then you aren't going to have much luck.


              Dynamically loading content means you have the swf files sitting separately and you load them into the main file using actionscript when the main file is running.  So if someone clicks a button for a particular section, that section gets loaded when that request is made.


              Since you own CS5, then you can make use of Actionscript 3 and use either the UILoader component or the Loader class to load the swf files when you need them.  As far as anyone giving you exact step by step instructions goes, chances are someone has already prepared something for you to follow to get what you want done, and you just need to find it.


              So if you want to try you should search Google using terms like "AS3 Loader tutorial" or "AS3 UILoader tutorial"  Just a fair warning, if you have no experience with Flash, you will probably need to learn more basic things before you can handle a task like this.

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                kerenedri27 Level 1

                Hi Ned

                Again - thank you very much.


                I've got the source files and i'm on the run now.. kind of..

                I did as you recomצended and used a code from one of the AS3 UILoader tutorials , and it seems to work:


                import flash.net.URLRequest;

                import flash.events.ProgressEvent;

                import fl.containers.UILoader;


                var myLoad1 = "fastflipPage.swf";


                var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest(myLoad1);

                loader.scaleContent = false;

                loader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, completeHandler);

                loader.addEventListener(ProgressEvent.PROGRESS, progressHandler);




                function progressHandler (event:ProgressEvent):void


                status_txt.text = "Percentage Loaded" +



                function completeHandler (event:Event):void


                status_txt.text = "Loaded Done";




                So... i'm tring to find some answers to my next step : in the code above im loading only one file and i need to load 30 files so they could play one after another. i noticed that i can create many uiloader instances and load several external SWFs in the same scene without writing a script to each one of them... is that right? and if so, how can i do that???


                I'm full of hope to figure this task, meantime will look for more answers


                Thanks in advance