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    Left Align Spry H Menu Template #1


      Hi there,

      I'm having a problem left aligning a spry menu. Please see http://www.miltonsmooth.co.uk/workflow/theme_01_design.html#


      I downloaded template #1 from http://www.adobe.com/devnet/dreamweaver/articles/dreamweaver_custom_templates.html?PID=229 4914, and have added a Home link to the left of the existing menu items within the template. Other than this I have only changed the colours and background image. I have tried to left align by changing ul.MenuBarHorizontal li within the Spry css file, but there still seems to be a margin of about 50px that I am unable to remove (i.e. so the LHS of the home button lines up with the LHS of the content area below, and the logo above).


      I would be very grateful for some advice.

      Thanks in anticipation!