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    Presenter files not loading


      We use both Adobe Captivate and Presenter with our LMS. We only have intermittent problems with participants launching the captivate swf files from the standard Captivate HTM page. We can usually solve the issues on an individual basis. With Presenter, however, we are having significant issues with the content not loading. We use the SCORM.HTM file produced by presenter to launch the content (and we upload all of the files in the "package" created by presenter). Many (but not all) participants get a new browser window with nothing but a white screen and the word done in the lower corner. Can anyone tell me what is different about how these two HTM pages "load" content and why one will load the SWF file and the other will not? Is there some scripting missing?

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            Can you please check following points in the published file; in which you are facing the problem.

            1) Publish the presentation without Zip package checkbox unchecked. Are we able to play published swf?

            2) If Published swf is playing fine. Then again publish the presentation with "Zip package" checkbox checked. Upload same zip file in the scorm server.


            If you still face issue after step 2 then please let us know the scenerio; the LMS settings and if possible please share the file.