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    Animated movie clips in button skin states

    Francesco_C Level 1

      Hello to gurus out there,


      i am trying to attach flash animated skins to my button in a Flex application. Can somebody help me?

      Works fine but don't animate the movieclip (timeline animation) on up, over and down states.



      CSS file:

          up-skin: Embed("/../libs/assets.swf#upSkin");
          over-skin: Embed("/../libs/assets.swf#overSkin");
          down-skin: Embed("/../libs/assets.swf#downSkin");   




      [other code]

      <s:BitmapImage id="icon"
                         left="0" right="0" top="0" bottom="0" />




      <s:Button styleName="flashButton" skinClass="skins.FlashButtonSkin"/>