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    A radio button question

    wgb14 Level 1
      Hi all,

      I have a number of radio buttons in my application that i want to turn on and off based on what my user selects(off if another radio button from the same group is selected, on if it is clicked by the user and so on). Now i found this behaviour which works fine, but it initialises the first radio button of the group in its ON stage something which obviously i don't want to. Any ideas how to correct this?
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          James Newton, ACP Level 3
          When you drop the behavior on your radio button sprites, a Behavior Parameters Dialog opens. One of the questions it asks is:

          Button is intially selected by default?

          If you select that checkbox just for the button that you want to have initially selected, then the first button will not act as the default selection.

          If you want to set the default selection on the fly, then you can use the #Toggle_Select handler. For example, if the state of the application is such that the #foo button of the #bar group of sprites should be selected, then you could use these two calls:

          vList = SendAllSprites(#Toggle_GetGroupList, #bar)
          call(#Toggle_Select, vList, #foo)
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            wgb14 Level 1

            thanks for your reply! So, basically what you are saying is that there should be a radio button on each page that will be selected (ON state) for the behaviour to work correctly, am i right? Then, also i guess that every page in my application that contains radio-button should be one group (e.g., group1 for page 1, group2 for page2 etc).

            Many thanks for your reply