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    Please help with making dropdown menu interactive

    Katie Stern 2

      Hi All,


      I've assigned Lynda.com's Fireworks CS4 Rapid Prototyping videos to my students. They are prototyping Air apps as an assignment. One student created a dropdown menu (a grid auto shape) that we're having trouble with. She created different states for each of the menu items in the dropdown menu. Now we're having trouble figuring out how to make each of the dropdown menu items interactive.


      We would like for the first state (called Home in the screen capture below) to show a button with an arrow designating a dropdown menu. Clicking on that button would take the viewer to a state (called Dropdown in the second screen capture below) that includes the first button plus a dropdown menu, and also changes the information in the large box on the right.




      Our thought was to create a slice out of each section of the dropdown menu in State 2. Each slice would then be set up to swap out to a different state. Each different state would include a button showing the designated name and also change the information in a box to the right of the button.


      We're having problems with this  procedure. Do slices need to appear on all of these states? I expected the slices to only need to be available on the states that include the visible dropdown menu itself. As we have this file set up now, it seems like all slices need to be available on all states, or the dropdownmenu never shows up at all.


      If we include slices on all of the states, then all of the states show the cursor as pointing to buttons, even though the dropdown text isn't visible in the Home state. Upon rollover of the invisible buttons, the information in the large right-hand box changes.


      Another question: At what point do you say enough with the states and go to adding pages instead? Are we pushing states too far here?


      I'd greatly appreciate anyone's help to get us on the right track here. Thanks in advance!


      Katie Stern